Third Party Requests for Patient Information

Requesting information from medical records

In general, your health information is strictly confidential and will not be shared with a third party without informed and written consent. 

On occasion, a third party may request access to a patient’s personal health information (e.g. an Insurance company for a medical report or a solicitor requesting information for their client); this must be made in writing from the requesting third party and must contain the patient’s written consent and the date of the request.

Alba Health will not release personal information without the patient’s written consent, or, of their legal guardian.

In certain cases, we may need to discuss with the patient / guardian that they understand what information has been requested from a third party and any possible implications of this, before the information is released (e.g. an insurance company requesting a patient’s entire medical record rather than relating to a specific relevant medical condition).

Under exceptional circumstances, medical information may need to be released for legal reasons.

This may include:

  • Under Court order
  •  Subpoena or Warrant
  • Instruction from the Corner’s Court to assess cause of death.
  • Reporting communicable diseases that relate to Public Health.

A patient may request access to their medical records by submitting a signed request in writing. 

Please note that while there is no charge to lodge a request to access medical records, the practice may charge a fee to cover any cost incurred to produce the required information.

Please allow 30 days to produce the required information, from receipt of a written request and allowing for exceptional circumstances.

Third party present during a consultation

Patients may wish to have a family member, friend or support worker attend their consultation, in this situation verbal consent will be requested from the patient and the details of the third party present recorded in the medical record.

On occasion, a medical student or doctor in training to be a GP may be present during the consultation for education and training; in such cases, written consent will be requested in advance of the consultation. This consent will not be asked for during the consultation to avoid any undue pressure to accept.

For certain examinations and procedures, it may be necessary to have a chaperone present; this will usually be the Practice Nurse. Ideally, consent will be obtained before the consultation when possible. Where a chaperone is not available, it may be necessary to arrange another appointment to allow for this.

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